Fledgling sparrow

Hello all,

yesterday at around 3pm I found a fledgling sparrow in the boiler room. We think it fell down from a nest in the roof. But when we looked for one we couldn’t find one. I have build a little cage with nest material and paper towel. I have fed it mushed up wet dog Biscuits as that’s what google said to do. It is still healthy today. I don’t know how long till it can fly or what to feed it now. Any advice would be appreciated 

  • Hi Jacob
    Could it have got in somehow from outside?
    I'm no expert but if it cannot feed itself then mashed up dog biscuits are probably best for it with having moisture in it, you can get mealworms live or dried (again soaked in water), if it can feed itself then they will eat seeds.
    Depends how old it is as to when it can fly.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    I think the nest was in the roof and it fells through a little whole in the roof into the house. It doesn’t feed by its self yet so I’m feeding it with tweezers to imitate natural feeding as close as possible. And it enjoys the dog biscuits. But don’t know if I can feed it that until it flies
  • There are people up and down the country that may help depending on where you are, you could try the RSPCA they may come and collect it www.rspca.org.uk/.../findarehabilitator
    or try helpwildlife.co.uk/.../
    They will eat dried mealworms soaked in water or live ones,you could also try finely chopped up peanuts.

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