Birdsong words

Hello - I have a question about people attributing words to birdsong.  I know that people sometimes say that the yellowhammer's song sounds like 'A little bit of bread and no cheese' - does anyone know of any other examples?  I'd be interested in any answers - often used, or just 'family lore'.  Thanks.

  • Hi Pete
    Here is one for you with you being in London...from a google search.
    Pied wagtails are known in London as the “Chiswick flyover”, because they call “chis-ick” as they pass overhead.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Thanks Alan, I'd not heard that. I wonder if any other places say the same.
  • Morning Pete,   if you google Bird Song Mnemonics you may be able to find some examples;     so far I've only found the American versions   !!   HERE       

    A couple for UK are .................   Great Tit:    "teacher-teacher"             Chaffinch   "pink-pink"       and the Chiffchaff says it's own name  "chiff-chaff"     !!      

    as for the birds in our garden they usually make the sound   "hey Mrs ...…...where's our mealworms"        ha ha !!!            Seriously though,  good luck searching for UK bird mneumonic sounds.          


    Regards, Hazel 

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