Wagtail nest

Hi, I have a beautiful wagtail nesting in my logstore. It’s been quite happy feathering it’s nest. We’ve kept our distance but could see it’s little face looking out. I’ve gone out today and all the soft feathery bit is out of the nest and the wagtail has not returned. What could have done this? I’m in the country with lots of wildlife. I don’t think it’s a cat as the nest is still perfect, do other birds attack them? Just interested but also gutted for the little bird! Will it return? 

  • Hi,
    Sorry no one has replied to this. Posts get lost amongst other posts due to the known format problem of the site. Hopefully, that'll be corrected at some point.

    Re your question, very hard to know without seeing first hand. If the logstore is anything like some of the more common types in this area, rat would be one suggestion. Mouse is another. Cat is certainly possible, but depends what stage the nest was at.  I wouldn't expect eggs to disappear if it was at that stage, unless they have fallen out. Other mammals are possible but less likely if it happened during the middle part of the day. Other birds are another option. Depends how far back the nest was, how easy to get at etc. Magpie and jay, crow all possible.

  • Thank you, we’ve had a lot of magpies recently in our kitchen garden were the log store is. I think it maybe them.
    Thank you for your reply, I’ll leave the nest and see what happens.