Injured Fledgling Magpie.

I have just watched a dozen crows attacking something at the top of a tall leylandi tree. I saw a bird fall through the branches to the ground and it appears to be a fledgling magpie without fully developed tail feathers. It has been pecked on the back of the neck and is bloody. It hasn't moved but is gasping. Due to cats in the vicinity I have put it in a box of hay. What should I do next? Thanks Jingley

  • Hi Jingley Welcome to the community.
    Try ringing the RSPCA and tell them they should hopefully send someone out if available.
    Also try looking here
    Whereabouts are you?

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  • Hi Alan
    I am Moor Monkton just outside York. I haven't phoned the RSPB or RSPCA as over the years I have had no success. I'll check the web link you sent.
    Thanks Jingley
  • As gruesome as nature can sometimes be, apart from cases that have nothing to do with natural predation, e.g. Fledgling stood in the road, it is always best to let nature take its natural course. It can be hard to watch or ignore, but stopping predation more often than not drags out suffering and ends up leaving predators having to move on and kill something else instead.

    Re this case, a vet will euthanise a magpie in the state described.
  • Alas, nature has taken it's course naturally. Thanks for your replies.
  • Sorry to read that and thanks for the update. The other thought/suggestion is if the body hasn't been put back outside, it makes sense to do so, even though burying may seem a good and considerate idea.