1dead chick, but 2 surviving

We have a nesting box on the north side of the house.

Pre-season l put fresh hay in the box.

Three chicks hatched, but last weekend one died.  Mum cannot manage to remove the body.   Do I help?   She seems very disturbed by it and sits on it, not feeding the other two much.

Do I help?

  • I "took the bull by the horns" and fetched the little body out .....
    Did check up and saw mum feeding the surviving two chicks. Will continue to monitor her...
  • Sorry no one replied earlier. Got to admit I didn't notice the post or I would have replied earlier.

    Technically, what you've done is unlawful. However, by the sound of it, no harm was done.

    As well as making the above point about law and disturbing active nests, I'd also have asked what species it was. Some are far more tolerant of disturbance than others.

    Also, depending on species, it may not be easy to tell male and female apart. Most nest box species have more or less identical adults (house sparrow being the most obvious exception). Some do have limited differences e.g. great tit, but most don't. It could be that you only have two live chicks as only one parent is feeding/alive.

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    Thanks, the sparrow family is doing fine now
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    How can I send you a photo/video to show their progress?
  • Below right of the 'reply' box there is the option to "Use rich formatting". Click on that and it'll be obvious from there.
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    Mum came again

    Thanks for helping