I have two Robin's come to my window sill and for food and to watch them is a pleasure to watch I'm memorised by them. 

  • Hello Tony, that's lovely for you. It will be a male and female that have paired up. Keep a look out in and around where you are seeing them, you may see them going in and out to a bush somewhere to build a nest.

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  • Thank you for the reply catlady they keep going into the hedge just near the window. I was going out to look but I feel it better to leave them alone.otherwise they may never come back.
  • What do you feed them, Tony? You'll have a friend for life if give them live mealworns particularly if they are raising youngsters. They will be eating out of your hand  -  literally.



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  • At the moment I'm feeding them wild bird seed. Will try mealworm when I can see where to order from.thanks for giving me the info. I have lots of sparrows keep coming but seems they don't feed what's there just the Robin's but as I have said I can sit there and watch them all day long.
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    Yes, don't go poking about, just enjoy watching them, hopefully you will get babies. Keep feeding them and they will get to know you and come for feed.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.