Weird tracks in the snow

  • Hello all, while hiking in the lebanese mountains i encountered weird snow tracks, they are vertical instead of horizontal like 4 leged animals, and most interstingly they are at least 2 to 3 or even 4 meters apart, we have hyenas foxes wolves pigs rabbits rodents as well as other wildlife in lebanon but none of these i think could have made that prints also the print istelf is not small its about 10 to 15 cm wide for each foot.
  • Hi Lebanon Wildlife welcome to the community.
    I'm not sure you will get an ID from anyone here with it being mainly a UK forum.
    In the middle photo is that a claw footprint in the bottom right hand corner?
    And it looks like there are prints in between the large prints especially in the first photo.

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  • Hello alan the one on the bottom right is from a different animal the print is not that new or well preserved so couldnt really tell what is is there is some smaller prints in between for some of them not all and could be interlapping for two animals, i know its a uk forrum but we do not have an animal. Only special to lebanon so i hope to. Find someone that can ID it,