Looking For Advice on Placing Multiple Bird Boxes

Dear RSPB community,

I am a complete novice looking for some advice.

I am a community member of a festival site in the midlands. We're considering enhancing one of the woodland camps with a number of bird boxes. While this was posed ostensibly as a cosmetic effort, I'm interested in how to install them such that they are functional nesting boxes. I'd like to think that this can only be an improvement. 

Festivals occur 4 times a year during the warmer part of the year. While there will be a lot of people nearby and people will be camping in the woods, there will be no electronic music. I hope this doesn't disturb the nests beyond use. If it does, then advice on how *not* to attract birds who would ultimately be disturbed would be just as useful!

The site is a light wooded copse on the edge of farmland in Buckingham. I'm not sure what other information is useful...

What sort of birds would nest in such an environment and what height/size should the boxes be to attract them? The more we can place, the better!

Thank you for your advice.