Red kites and buzzards

Hi, I live in Hertfordshire and yesterday I saw a group of 5 red kites circling above the woods near where I live. This is nothing unusual. However, on closer inspection, 3 of them were clearly buzzards and the other two red kites. 

Is it unusual for the two birds to be circling together like this? There were some crows closer to the ground making a lot of racket and clearly not happy. 

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  • No not unusual at all. Either they were just sharing the same thermal to give them height before they wander off somewhere else or they were looking at the same potential food source - a farmer ploughing a field for example will provide a lot of earthworms on the surface which both species will happily eat.




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  • Hi,

    You say "This is nothing usual." Do you mean "This is nothing UNusual." If so, where in Hertfordshire is it not unusual to see 5 Red Kites........? I live in Herts near the Lea Valley PArk and a Red Kite was above my house which I would say is very unusual...Would love to know where they have got a good foothold in Herts.....I assume this is more Towards Hemel Way??


  • I'd also say it's not unusual. 

    I'll head out in a few minutes and walk half an hour to the nearest peregrine nesting spot.

    It's a sunny day and I might see buzzards, Red Kites, and peregrines (and even ravens) all up together. In a month or so they'll be joined by returning Black Kites.

    The only bigger local raptors I've not seen in these get-togethers are goshawks.

    And the local Honey Buzzards (a recent find for me) seem to prefer to go it alone.

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    I live in Stevenage, great Ashby, I’m seeing them constantly soaring above us in great Ashby, I’ve seen them in pin green and old town too.
    I’ve also seen them in Hitchin, Luton and Hertford.
    My Nan often sees them soaring above her garden in Baldock too.
    I’m sure they are really common now?