What a surprise to see this in our garden this morning. It killed one or our blackbirds that has bee feeding regularly in our garden.

Is there anything I can do to protect the small birds?

  • Hi Liz
    The only thing you can do is put any feeders you have out close to cover if you have some in your garden to allow the birds to dive for cover, but one thing you shouldn't do is disturb the Sparrowhawk if it catches a bird, it is nature and they need to eat too. They won't catch anything every time and may only be successful once every 7 or 8 attempts. Most of us that feed the birds will get one sooner or later.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Thank you. I had just been talking to the grandchildren about how well the dunnock and blackbird were getting on feeding alongside each other. Then it swooped down and took the blackbird down to the bottom of the garden. I had my camera out and was able to do a recording of the Sparrowhawk taking the feathers off it. It then flew off with the blackbird in its feet.