What can I do quickly for birds kicked out of home in mid-winter??

Today, my neighbor cut down all their really tall, dense bamboo that a TON of songs birds were living in. It’s the middle of winter with the worst yet to come and there’s not too many trees around  (medium-highl populated suburb). I feel SO sad for those poor birds. Is there anything I can do to help them immediately? Its supposed to sleet/snow again this week. I already have 2 bird houses in my backyard. Should I put out nesting material? Should I hang a tarp for cover? Will they all have already dispersed from my area by tomorrow? I have no idea and know nothing about nesting. I’m desperate for any suggestions please! Thank you!

  • I can understand how desperate you feel Christina, am sure they will disperse to nearest safe roosts &   can only suggest you put out extra food for any that may come back to their usual haunt!


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  • They won't be nesting at the moment, which is why it's a good time to cut down scrub (if it has to be done). I'm sure the birds will go off & find other cover for the cold nights, but as Wendy says, a bit of extra food might help those that stayed.

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  • I agree with Wendy and Noisette, though it is a sad sign of the times.

    Many of the birds will find new territory, but the squeeze is on as we swell our urban sprawl.

    I'm not sure what garden space you have, if any, but if you do have reasonable space, you might want to consider planting shrubs/bushes which will grow to provide some cover for next year.

    That will give the birds some cover, though not nesting sites, and place some feeders close by, they'll come back and feast from the feeders, while enjoying some protection in the bushes.


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  • I agree with what's been said by others. I am guessing you're in USA? I can only comment on UK. Depending on which type of bamboo is involved, it can be invasive. As with most large plants, pruning is best done at this time of year. Partly for horticultural reasons, and partly because that's when birds are not nesting. Plants in Winter are purely used for cover/shelter and/or feeding. Bamboo in UK is of little wildlife value, mainly because it's non-native. The only issue with it being removed/reduced is loss of cover/shelter. Most bird species are mobile and happy to just find alternatives.

  • The best thing you can do, not just for birds but all wildlife, is to have a garden that is full of shrubs and plants yourself that you look after without herbicides or pesticides.  Planting that includes year-round sources of nectar is excellent, and looking after the soil by mulching with organic matter really helps.  Creating habitats for wildlife by leaving fallen leaves on the floor, creating tunnels for hedgehogs, creating a non-fish pond, putting out a bird bath, and feeding birds throughout the year can all massively increase wildlife even in a very urban garden. A garden that's great for wildlife doesn't have to be unkempt, either - it can be both aesthetically beautiful and an excellent habitat.