Buzzards near Yaxley?

Driving up the A1 yesterday i saw a large group of what looked like buzzards wheeling about low in the sky.  Presumably they were feeding on something in a field just to the east of the A1? Has anyone records of these birds and their numbers? Or is there a regular feeding station there?

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    Could they have been Red Kites I've just done a bit of Googling and found these comments.

    Fen lane Stilton on old A1 just before Norman Cross, we always see 8/10 Red Kites here, but on 27/2/16 must have been at least 30 flying in the sky over the fields, wife lost count trying to number them

    The area in question is at the junction of Norman Cross. Yaxley and Stilton. The site in question is on the old north road, close to a scrap yard and telephone pylon thing

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    Hi All, this is my first post having just signed up. 

    These birds are definitely red kites. I drive past there fairly often and always look out for them. Sometimes only a couple of birds but sometimes easily into double figures. I can only assume they are being fed. Dave. 

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    Hi Dave welcome to the community.

    I think they have all spread from the initial release they did years ago at Harewood House, there is a feeding area at Moody Boots Cafe near Harewood where you can get within feet of them so they might be being fed by locals at the Yaxley site too.

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    Thanks Alan, when I'm next passing that way I'll try to find out more and let you know.