Magpies attacking blackbird and nest

  • I've tried to photograph the crow/magpie fights as you suggested, apologies for the mediocre results!
  • In reply to idic01:

    This is what happened too in my garden but got told about scientific evidence and this wouldn’t be occurring
  • I can’t speak for Jakeg, he wrote that he had spoken to others, but for me it was this page and others similar:

    I was obviously upset to watch a magpie kill a blackbird, but I buy into the argument that humans are to blame for the habitat loss rather than corvids. I hope our magpies’ nesting is successful and that we get to see some magpie chicks but given the constant harassment from the crows I think the odds are against them.

    Back to the subject of this thread though, I think as a bystander I would like to be able to apply some DIY solution or something to give the weaker birds better odds in my garden specifically, but again it seems that the argument on whether we should interfere or not still rages on with no sign of getting resolved. Giving the weaker birds better odds would give the stronger birds worse odds. It’s a lot easier to break the balance than it is to restore it.