Missing Swifts?!

Is anyone else missing their nesting swifts?  We have swifts arriving and nesting in our building in Perthshire every year.  No sign at all this year - really sad.  Still hoping tho' as they didn't appear until 13 May last year

  • We don't have nests, but usually plenty of swifts flying round the neighbouring village.  This year, we only saw our first swifts yesterday.  We are in Yorkshire so perhaps they are just late!

    Incidentally, we usually have swallows nesting, but although the first ones arrived a month ago we have only seen three or four birds, instead of the usual dozens flying around the fields nearby.  It is all very worrying!

  • Like James, we do not have nesting swifts. We have had House Martins nesting for several years then they just stopped, although the nests are still there and we usually see groups of them flying around.

    We generally see plenty of swifts, swallows and house martins at this time of year but I have only spotted one or two, and that was on a walk  quite a distance from our house.

    It is worrying and I just hope they are late.

    Kind regards Jane.

  • In reply to Goldcrest:

    We usually see swifts every year and thankfully this year is no exception.  After hearing they are becoming scarce, on the radio the other week, I kept my eyes and ears open for them and was rewarded by a sighting of six of them flying high in the sky just a few days ago.  I think they are a little bit later than usual though, could be due to the colder weather we've had this winter and spring. 

    Hello from Cornwall.

  • In reply to Gog:

    I saw one swift today. They usually screech around our local shopping centre but are so far missing. Sighted one swallow last week, but my friend says they are nesting again at her work place which is a relief. Hopefully it is only  wind from the wrong direction keeping them all on the warmer side of the channel!

  • There must be at least 20+ Swifts flyin about here ... I have the windows open and Im listening to them screaming as they come past .

    (Windows open here is a big thing in tis self Nevermind the swifts) haha !



    If its no fun Yer no doin it right!

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    north westerlies here today and lots of swifts held up in north Norfolk.  The cold weather can't help.


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  • hi we get them nesting in church tower near me and seen lots driving to work yesterday past strathclyde park and river clyde,so maybe there on there way to perthshire

  • In reply to smiffy:

    At last!  More than a week later than last year, we have 3!  Fairly optimistic they will nest in the same bit of roof space, but think it might be a tight squeeze this year as there is at least one family of sparrows already moved into the swifts usual spot!

  • Glad to hear your swifts have begun to arrive honeyb! Generally, while some did arrive at their usual time, many were held up by the cold weather here (meaning less food) and unfavourable winds (north easterlies) making it extremely hard for them to fly, so it seems they had a little break in southern Europe before heading up our way.

    Don't forget to fill in the swift nest site and screaming party survey forms - http://www.rspb.org.uk/thingstodo/surveys/swifts/index.asp

    This information is invaluable so it would really help if you can let us know where they are and where they're nesting - thanks!

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  • I had none here in Helensburgh till May 22 at least two weeks late. Have just seen evidence of one nest site in use but haven't seen the other two I usually have. Am hoping they are there but the skies have seemed rather empty this year.