Annoying Rooks

We live in the countryside and have lots of visiting birds. We've been here over 15 years now and just in the last 3 or 4 the Rooks have started banging on our windows. Whilst we're at work they have a field day, the windows are covered in gunge and even blood, we tried to stop them by putting blankets up to the windows but as soon as we take them down they're back again! Any body else got this problem and any ideas how to stop them?
  • Hi Jean. A friend of mine had exactly the same problem as you do with Corvids pecking at his window. I suspect they may have been seeing their own reflections and possibly attacking them. I know this can be quite common with Robins. What he did was to place something inside the window to help break up the reflections (in his case he used a piece of football netting from one of his children's nets). I don't know if this would be practical for you although his neighbours had the same problem and used various things to the same effect. After a time the birds stopped their attacks. Hope this helps you Jean.


    -edit- You didn't mention whether it was upstairs or downstairs windows being attacked. If it was downstairs perhaps placing something outside the window to add reflections may have the same effect and possibly be more practical. Maybe a potted plant or shrub for example.

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    Thanks Paul,

    Yes, we thought the same about them pecking at their reflections. We live in a single storey cottage and have very wide windowsills so they peck at whichever window they can. The only exception is the conservatory which has the normal sills, so instead they peck at the door! They've been driving me mad this morning as I work from home in the conservatory and they keep landing on the roof and pecking at the panel for a solar light I have which is on the roof! You're right it would not be practical to put something up to the windows every day and would be unsightly - to be honest we have thought about getting window shutters.


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    Hi Jean

    The reflection is the key, get yourself a roll of clingfilm and cover the outside of the glass of the windows where the attacks are focused. The clingfilm should cloud the reflection giving the birds no reason to continue their attacks. Let us know how you get on.

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  • Hi
    We have the same problem and they are destroying the seal of the double glazing. They visit every window what ever the weather or time of day. I though it was reflection but I now doubt this. I have tried decals at the window but it has not succeeded. Putting cling film on the outside of every window even if I could reach them is not very practicable.