Pet cat hunting endangered wildlife..

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    I empathise with you, it can be extremely frustrating and distressing to witness well fed pet cats doing this damage. However, before you do something you might regret, please consider contacting Concept Research, the manufacturers of the CatWatch device that we sell as they may be able to explain why the device is not working. Obviously if the cat is deaf then these devices won't work but otherwise they should be effective. If you have bought other ultrasonic devices that are not the CatWatch device then we have not trialled them so couldn't comment on their effectiveness.

    A couple of other things to try that may or may not work. Firstly, if said felines have made  a kill and are playing with it, apply something like mustard, that cats hate to the unfortunate victim and give it back to the cat, this unpleasant experience will hopefully make cats think twice before they chase another creature.

    If the cat is getting into your garden, find out how it is entering and block it off, barriers like prickly berberis shrubs are very effective and if the cat is going over a fence or wall, prikka strips are easily fitted to such surfaces.

    You can get extremely accurate and long distance water pistols these days which are ok to use against cats in the garden, obviously no matter how much they cause you distress you should never do them any harm. You can also buy movement activated jet spray systems as well, try an Internet search or your local garden centres.

    Hopefully these ideas will give you a few options and please feel free to print out the attached leaflet and hand it to the cat owners.

    Warden Intern at Otmoor.

    Cats and garden birds.pdf
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    Just to add that my CatWatch's do work (though not in as large an area as advertised), and are far more effective used from the mains rather than battery. I did have a cheaper alternative scarer which failed comprehensively. I missed a good photo opportunity of taking a picture of a cat sat sandwiched between it and my pond one morning. Rob

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    Thankyou again for the suggestions everyone, sadly CatWatch cannot help me here because this happening in their own garden and the cat would only wander off further down the road and kill there instead.

    Secondly, this family member already has an interest in wildlife and is an RSPB member.. shocking I know!! There should be no excuse not to try with a pop-off collar as some brands are even approved by the cats protection league.

    Big Robbo, while your petition has it's good intentions, I don't know whether I could sign it because it isn't written in a way that anyone could take seriously, sorry I hope that didn't offend you. Maybe we should all pitch in and re-write something with as many serious points as possible and make it sound like a list of facts rather than someone complaining.

    I did a lot of thinking over the past week and realised that collars on cats by law would be impossible to enforce.. :( but hopefully your idea of making cat owners responsible shouldn't be too difficult.

    The mustard idea might not work as cats learn quickly and would only stop bringing prey into the house rather than stopping killing them altogether, but even then my family member wouldn't dream of putting mustard on the paws of her precious, little angel....

    I love Columbidae.

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    I'm not responsible for said petition, so you don't offend me. But have found another one, on the government site.


    Feed The Birds....not the cats!!!!

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    Why not ask an outsider to have words, Like a RSPCA OFFICER,



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    Well that's another good idea but they'd know that they were reported by me and things could get heated between family members then. To be honest I'm sure an RSPCA officer would side with the family member anyway since these break-away collars don't seem to be very well known and people appear reluctant to even try them!

    Bloody cats.

    I love Columbidae.

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    The RSPCA won't get involved unless some sort of harm is done to the cat.

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    We are having a similar problem.  I'm surrounded by cats and my garden was their chosen toilet which was also devoid of any wildlife.  I spent months and a lot of money cat proofing my garden which thankfully is now cat free.  I spoke kindly to my neighbours about the issues and not one would do anything or take the issue seriously.  But i too believe that cats are a threat to our wildlife.  There are other factors of course.  Some cat owners can't or won't listen when it comes to other people discussing their pets.  They have chosen a pet that is difficult to control but it's not impossible.  Sadly cat ownership is on the increase in the UK which can only be bad news for gardeners and the local wildlife.  Stopping a cat roaming would be a start but i doubt many owners would be prepared to spend a lot of money cat proofing their own gardens.  Not sure if it's worth suggesting this to your family member.  Also it's worth noting that in some areas of the UK there is a disturbed individual/s roaming around and attacking small animals and pets.  If i had a cat there is no way i'd let him or her wander.  Google the M25 Cat Killer and see what this sick person has been doing.  We've been trying to get the message out there about this individuals activities especially via Twitter.  Every pet owner needs to know about what's going on out there.