Collared dove fledgling advice

  • You're welcome, Netanya, although you had more concrete advice from Wendy, I'd say.

    'They flew away a few moments later...' sounds promising.

    It is, isn't it, hard when they go? Funny, but I sometimes get the impression that, when we are lucky enough to see something like fledglings, we think that it will always be that way. And then, they're gone.

    Wall-to-wall Bramblings. Then you don't see one for years.
    A gang of Tawnies. Then the young ones are off.

    Hard to explain really, but there you go.

    All the best -
  • In reply to Dave - CH:

    They fledged but were both back today! With both parents, on the same branch in the tree. I messaged the RSPB on Facebook and they said after a week they should disperse from each other’s company. Bless them.
  • One will probably disperse to your kitchen, the other to the living room.