• I can't help with your question, and suspect the chick will be dead by now anyway.

    I'm replying to raise your post up the queue above all the osprey postings....

    Best advice though is to not accept baby birds from friends. Experts won't be able to do much with chicks hit by cars as may have been the case here. Hopefully your friend will know for next time what to do.

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    Try this website (www.helpwildlife.co.uk) and see if they have anyone near you. You can try feeding it small pieces of raw mince using some tweezers and try giving it water through a dropper. It really needs to be kept warm, so I suspect it might well have passed away by now if that isn't the case. By warm, I mean holding it in your (lightly) closed hand. Good luck.

    Unicum arbustum haud alit duos erithacos

    (One bush does not shelter two Robins)

    Zenodotus (3rd Century B.C.)


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    Thanks for replying. Luckily it was still alive this morning. We took it outside and left it on a low perch to see if it's parents came and luckily enough another blue tit came along and started feeding it! It's gone now so we suspect that it must have been it's parent, as it was found very locally.

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    Hello Elinor,

    I read your cry for help last night, but unfortunately I don't have any experience with feeding young birds or taking care of them. I'm so glad to read now that the youngster is still alive and that he has propably been reunited with his parents. Such good news!

    Kind regards, Bente