Sheffield University Peregrines 2022 (all pics/videos posted with their kind permission)

  • 'Orrible kids, send 'em to bed early with no supper!! Lol


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    One was on the box, flew down to the side , before another flew in on the corner, and started eating rey, then they both shared till a tussle toake place.

    can just see its feet under the box.

    tug of war..

    EDIT 16.59 Third joins the party

    Cant see the rings.


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    Interesting watching them all this year,Mum was feeding one on the yougsters in the box this morning , whilst others were on the corner eating.

    EDIT 15 50 ish  Big prey in box and two youngsters with a third standing outside.


  • All the Kids are currently at home 19:15

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