FalconCam CSU 07.11.2021

Lovely Yurruga playing, jumping and wing flapping, a little bit comic


  • Amanda, Welcome to the Forum. I hope you enjoy exploring the huge range of topics covered in this online community.  Sometimes some of us get a bit silly, but it is all in good fun among people who love nature and enjoy talking about it and admiring other's nature photos, too.  Also, you may not know but there is already a thread devoted to the Falconcam at CSU so you might like to post there in future rather than have two threads running simultaneously for the same nest site. Perhaps you could post the link to your video clip on that thread as well--Yurugga is a sweetie.  Several others post occasionally on that thread, and of course, more people watch the live stream on YouTube than ever actually post any comments, both on YouTube chat and on here!  Scylla tends to record numerous live cams and then she posts selections afterwards here on the forum as well a posting clips on YouTube.  See here:

    Kind regards,