Its beginning to look a lot like autumn- share your photos here

Autumn is well under way, and trees will be turning to some fabulous reds, yellows, and other golden colours, all easily captured whatever camera you have, big, small, compact, smartphone or any larger cameras.

Here. its still a little early, but the pace is hotting up....

Not just the trees, berries and other autumn fruits


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  • The berries are one of my favourite parts of autumn! Here are a few of my favs from this season:

    A little (huge!) slug friend who popped by to munch rotting leaves. What a good job you're doing tiny gent.

    And the mushrooms are everywhere and so beautiful I had a hard time choosing from them but ehre I limited myself to 3:

    (those little chaps were high up in a tree, perhaps thirty feet!)

    And the livestock got in on the reddening of course. Hedwick I believe they're called and what pretty sheep they are.

    Unsure why the moss has gone into overdrive this year but it is huge!

    It's been misty here and not very crisp yet so the trees are just as confused as the birds are.

    Of course the equinox and surrounds also meant some beautiful skies!

    I joked with a friend that Jupiter popped by for a visit!

    And of course this being a mast year for the nuts meant a lot of these cheeky babies!

    Even the pigeons had a go!

    It's been a funny old Autumn and oddly green but still makes me love the variety in seasons you get on this latitude.

    Wishing you all a good winter! I look forward to sharing our winter pics and keeping us out and busy during the cold!

  • (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • These were taken over the last few weeks. It's starting to feel like winter here!

  • A few from my recent Scotland trip (Oct 2021) 

  • The following photos were taken on a recent visit to RSPB Conwy.

    The shrubs and trees that shield the reserve from the ever busy A55 North Wales Coast road.

    The Foel Fras screen looked good from the Carneddau Hide once the sun shone on the trees either side

    Coed Dolwyd, just the other side of The Ganol, which not only feeds in to the Afon Conwy, but is also a source for topping up the pools on the reserve.

    Coed Benarth looked good in the sun....

    Blackberries anyone?

    Rose Hips


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • The urban garden autumn colours starting to look good. The yellow of the cherry tree against the morning sun.

    And for an urban sunrise....

    And finally, one of our regular visiting crows in the cherry tree


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • A few from Sunday's wander around Baddesley Clinton, usually a good show for autumn colours, but this year, due to the weather I think I missed the best of it.

    First, before I nipped out, the cherry tree in in our garden, in all its golden glory....

    And now Baddesley....

    With a lot of Baddesley Clinton, most of the leaves have fallen, but it was a pleasant but cold day.....

    and finally looking up towards Hay Wood (I'm long overdue a visit there, they have tree creepers....)


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • I thought of you at the weekend, Mike, that you'd be out and snapping... we went "oop north" to see Mrs PB's mum and sister. As we barrelled along the A1(m) and M1 the sun escaped the clouds and bathed the Derbyshire countryside in gold, but coming home, we were squinting coz the sun was quite low for about 150 miles lol