Looking for berries at Baddesley Clinton

Wednesday 6th October, a break in the weather, cold but sunny, so I thought I'd grab aa little fresh air. The local reserves would be a mud-plugging adventure after the previous nights rain, (I'd recorded 63.9mm here), so it was somewhere where the ground wouldn't be a quagmire.

Baddesley usually has quite a good display of haw, rosehip, yew and holly berries, but this year, rosehips and haw were not to be seen, while the yew and holly berries were quite sparse!

However, the rowan berries were very plentiful, so hopefully there'll be plenty of winter feed for the wildlife.

The fallen horse chestnuts were plentiful, and brought back days when I used to pierce a hole through the centre and thread some string through. Not just that, but all the things I tried to make my conkers tougher than any one else's!

Sometimes they worked, 

sometimes they were like chocolate teapots..... 

Or at least, that's the way it seemed.....

The paths around the estate are always a pleasure to walk, and often catch the light nicely.

Even the ponds capture the light nicely

Its beginning to look a lot like autumn....

The pumpkins were doing well....

The wasps and bees were prolific, and this one was certainly getting stuck in!

While on the hunt for the berries to photo I came across this Holy order of 'Hornets 

The nearby church gardeners shed was home to a hornets nest!

Yew berries

I did find some holly berries to photograph, but not many...

And finally on the berries, rowan

The Cyril's were out, enjoying the fallen horse chestnuts...

"You're not getting my nuts!"

On the gatepost by the church was a collection of ladybirds

After the berry hunt, with the sun still shining nicely and blue sky still abundant, I tried a little bit bird spotting, but alas, nothing photographable. The time came to pack up and go home, well, I had to pick Mrs PR up from work first, and the ladybirds suddenly seemed to be out in abundance! 

I found a friend, that wanted to come home with me....

Needless to say, it was returned to its rightful place.


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