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  • She seems to be doing well especially if you think she's a first time Mum.
    I think it was after a couple of days when I questioned on twitter the Sheffield pair messing about feeding the chicks and Ed said they would still be relying on the nutrients from the egg.

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  • Forgot to say...well caught Wendy.

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  • You're right D, second was only out early hours this morning but the first one hatched yesterday morning needs topping up now, she is definitely a first timer, the most immature I've ever seen with those brown feathers & streaked chest, was thought in some circles that her eggs would be infertile due to her age so a good result!


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  • 06.49
    Mrs leaves chicks,and I think Dad returns quickly with a fresh pidgie,proceeds to start de feathering at far end but decides to bring it to chicks, continues de feathering and feeds a little to one chick,then takes prey back to far corner flies off.
    Mrs returns and immediately sits on chicks,without feeding.

    EDIT Wendy thinks was Only Mum....No Dad  Thanks a zillion........


  • In reply to SunnyKate2:

    scenario until Videos, arrive to maybe show more clarity..Not sure if Male Or female sorry

    feeds a little to one chick

    Leaves prey and flies

    Mrs arrives back


  • Great captures Kate, good to know there is food available ... all pics are of Mum, recognisable by the light coronet on her head & that very barred tail


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  • Did you get the feed Wendy?

    edit...I'll post this in case Wendy didn't get it.

    Part of the 08:50 feed of Feral