(C) Derby Cathedral Peregrines 2020 & 2021 ... all pics/vids posted with their kind permission!

  • I've just watched the vids Kate, they say she's a young non breeding age bird but she looks older than the one at Rochdale don't know what you and Wendy think.

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  • @Alanhere is what Anthony recorded end of May BLOG

    "Today (22nd) I visited for around 45 mins, the male was on his grotesque and again there was no sign (or sound) of life from the platform. After around 20 mins there was a brief bout of calling (causing me to look up from the platform to the male) and in flew a pristine, gorgeous adult female Peregrine. A real cracking looking bird and definitely different to the 'new' female who always had a slight yellowish hue to her breast - one of the reasons I thought she might be a young bird.
    By comparison, this one's breast was crisp white.
    She bowed and sidled up to the male and then took flight (she has either a missing or loose tail feather that causes a gap to one side - something I hadn't noticed with the previous females).
    The male took flight and the two circled together before first he and then she disappeared towards Friargate. All this and no reaction or sight of the 'incubating' female!

    In conclusion I now believe that the 'new' younger female has abandoned the male or been usurped and replaced by another adult female (or possibly the old bird is back on the scene - with a bit of tail moult)."

    and here a few stills from vids

    Hmm , you all know how ,my thoughts are usually not to be relied on CHol:):) but possibly a new older female.


  • Latest from Nick on the BLOG
    "We simply don't know what happened to our original falcon. We believe it has always been the same bird since peregrines arrived in Derby in 2005/2006. She might simply have died and then been replaced by one of many birds that are always 'moving through' the area.
    Or, she might have been physically ousted, as we know can happen elsewhere. Earlier this year there was webcam footage from another project where we say two females fighting for an hour. Any injury incurred could result in her inability to fly, and thus death.
    Or, the new female might have taken over without a tussle and the original female was simply unable to restablish her rights over the nest and the male, and she would have moved on to spend the remaining part of her life as a solitary bird somewhere.
    It is impossible for us to say which scenario seems most likely to have happened.

    3 July 2020 at 07:58"


  • In reply to Alan.:

    Alan. said:

    I've just watched the vids Kate, they say she's a young non breeding age bird but she looks older than the one at Rochdale don't know what you and Wendy think.

    From the vid images I think she' somewhere between the Rochdale & Sussex Heights females in terms of age & have told Nick that they both produced healthy youngsters this season!


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  • So good to have a catch up on life at Derby Peregrines nest, fingers firmly crossed for progress on finding the elusive key or a work around now that lockdown is easing!
    Unless a bird is ringed & a body found it's always so difficult to know the true story!


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  • In reply to WendyBartter:

    Anthony juste.mailled............Ooh!!! was there an EGG ?If so what happened to it. Wonder if Nick M will re run footage...

    2nd video 28th April


  • Can't believe I missed seeing that egg though, in my defence, it was rather late last night when I was catching up with all the exciting news ... am wondering if it could have been taken by a Corvid??


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  • Sad News.....


    willask Alan for contact details for advice


  • Do you have contact details for Nick Kate if I ask Deb at Sheffield if she wants it?

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