Help! Advice or support please - our birds love our threatened Fife hedge!

Hello - I am a long admirer of the work your community work does and really enjoy the Big Garden Birdwatch weekend a few weekends ago (so did my niece and nephew!).

We are currently in public consultation with our local council in Fife Scotland about a lengthy hedge that runs between our access road and a larger road - they want to significantly reduce the height of the well established Hawthorne hedge as they claim it is difficult for bin lorries to go up our street (they have to pull the wing mirrors in apparently - I've watched the lorries and it doesn't seem to be the case).  We feel the council are being very heavy handed in their solution of "just chop it down".  We are very concerned about the pollution issues and the impact on the wildlife - both adorable sparrows and a number of migratory birds (apparently one from Serbia has nested in our trees). 

Can anyone give me any advice or if any one is local and also concerned - could you support us in our consultation this coming Thursday??

Any help would be much appreciated.

with thanks


  • Hi welcome to the community.
    I can't really help I'm down in Sheffield but could you start a local action group on facebook?
    Every few years the farmer massacres a hedge down a country lane near me , he uses a mechanical flair that doesn't just cut the hedge but breaks it, it looks horrendous but it is surprising how quickly it can recover with new growth.
    If you aren't successful in your attempt to stop it you have to make sure they don't do it in nesting season.

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  • Hi Alan - thanks so much for your reply, we have a band of concerned residents but a facebook group is a great idea. We've discussed about getting the press involved as well. Oh what a terrible situation for you too - a hedge massacre is never going to be good!! Is nesting season for sparrows spring time (April ish?)
  • I think quite a few birds such as Sparrows won't be long now before they are starting to think about nesting.
    Another idea, can you video the bin lorries using the lane without them seeing you, if they don't have a problem using the lane at least you will have proof.

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  • If you do set up a Facebook group, it probably won't take much searching to find like-minded members who've been thru what you are about to "suffer" and may well have good advice. Good luck :)

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  • Start a campaign! It's surprising what you can achieve with a bit of people power. There may well be a local arboriculturalist who can suggest a rather less drastic solution. Definitely get some video footage (just on your phone) of the bin lorries driving down the road without putting the mirrors in.

    The Sheffield Tree Action Group developed out of a small campaign to save some trees threatened by a bus lane... and turned into a massive campaign with national coverage because the council just kept on not listening on this and other tree issues. Fortunately, the tide has now turned against them!