Blue House Farm Barn Owls 2019 (C) Essex Wildlife Trust

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    Yes.....We are sooo privileged to be able to share in their journey, and yes they do look so comical...reminds me of a children's programme a few years ago ( forgotten the name now ,typical Doh!) whenever I see their long pointy face .


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    Big Bird from Sesame Street?

  • That's the one Tee Hee!!!!!!


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    Exactly, Sandra--'why would they remove an egg from an active nest?!' We know they would not do such a thing unless there were other circumstances which merited intervention for some other reason and such intervention posed no possible problem for the other chicks, not to mention that permission would possibly be required to intervene unless their licence already permitted it under strict requirements. Then, as they were already opening the nest box, they would take the opportunity to remove any unhatched eggs. This has happened on Osprey nests in the past.

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  • Good morning all


  • Thanks Sandra and Morning xx

    Disaster on Norwich Barn owl Doh!!


  • Telling pic Sandra!
    Posted on Norwich thread Kate!


     2013 photos & vids here

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  • Just shutting up shop tonight & saw this cute action