Cornish Barn Owls 2019 (C) Barn Owl Trust & Wildlife TV ... all pics/vids posted with their kind permission!

  • Thanks for pics and posts, Everyone.
    Yay, Sandra! Two! Hope they are friends!

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  • Lol, let's hope so, Ann!
  • Yep, Sandra, fingers crossed.

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  • 22:39 From somewhere behind the box, the hidden BO landed on top of the box and down to the tray. She flew straight over to join it (him?)

    22:45 She went on top of the box then to the back beam at 22:46


    23:07 He's in the box

  • Not fighting, Sandra, are they?!

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  • No Ann, more likely he's inviting her in
  • 23:08


    23:14 She moved across to the front beam

    23:23 He had a quick look round

    23:24 He then left the box and barn. She was on the back beam then flew off at 23:25

    23:29 She came back in to the front beam

    23:35 She's still there resting. EN. I have to sign off. I think Kate will have to make two cups of tea in the morning to get her through reading this evening's events! lol Goodnight

  • Getting very interesting!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • In reply to Sandra :

    Sandra P said:

    22:45 She went on top of the box then to the back beam at 22:46

    Maybe a couple of hours before this (when I worked out the time accoring to length of recording and the time registered as ending at, it comes out as morning instead of evening, so I've given up)...

    Someone opened the barn door and did something :)