(C) Sheffield University Peregrines 2019 (All pics/vids posted here with their kind permission)

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    Mrs P

    Just a few more of Mr P on the box to follow then that is it lol.

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    Thank you so much, love all those different angles, that you capture for us ,showing what we dont see from the cam.
    When you said" whilst I stood under him"...... I wondered what was coming next CHOL:):) and thankfully wrong, as your lens still as sharp as always.

    Mistle Thrush Awh!!!


    Yoga !!!! what can I say


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    Mr P on the box

    and a record shot showing the layout with both birds.

    done with Peregrines.

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    After seeing the Mistle Thrushes earlier in the morning and just thinking they were foraging for food I was surprised to see them building a nest in the tree I was stood under...

    after taking these I moved so not to disturb them 

    The End...

    Thanks for your comments Kate.

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  • Just my luck missed some action
    Sheffield University: Peregrine - 2 - pair copulating at 13:05

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  • Just wonderful D, loved that last shot for perspective!


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    Crikey Alan, it must have taken you ages to post all those especially when you have to enlarge each one. Elliott must give ground on having a larger default picture size. Nobody will have the patience to open each one from the thumbnails.
    Wonderful set of photos. You must have had a stiff neck and aching arms after pointing the camera at such an angle.



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  • Hi Tony
    I don't mind taking a bit of time putting these in this thread and don't expect Wendy or Kate to enlarge them, I put them in mainly as a record of the season.
    It's always brilliant to pop up and see them.

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  • Alan, Thanks ever so much for the gorgeous photos of the Sheffield Peregrines--they are sooooo beautiful! And not to worry--I expect you will be back there soon and will have more chances to photograph them mating!

    Kind regards, Ann

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    Alan. said:
    I don't mind taking a bit of time putting these in this thread and don't expect Wendy or Kate to enlarge them, I

    @ Alan and bless, you know you are appreciated.

    Cam hiccup on change night cam