FalconCam Project, Orange, NSW - Peregrines 2018

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    Hi Ian, I've been posting some bits on my Facebook page during the shut-down and have got some from yesterday and today to post but don't think I have the energy now :'(  See ya later.

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    Hi Scylla, Ian and any others.  Ian, possibly need to click on 'Turn Reply notifications on' (see toward the upper right of the page).

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    Ann, all my notifications were switched on when I first logged back in. Better not turn this into a "complaints thread" as I see there are some very terse messages flying (pardon the pun) about regarding the appropriate places for gripes!

    Scylla, I don't use facebook or twitter & if this is how they look I am quite glad I don't.


  • I am not posting daily snaps on my FB page any more, I'm just checking thru what downloads I have (one or other of the cams quite often drops out) for any eyas appearances on the scrape.  None so far.


    This was cute:

    15 Nov, 06:10hr, our beloved, noisy, parents ;-D

    Unfortunately the nestcam had dropped out.