Cornish Barn Owls 2018 (C) Barn Owl Trust & Wildlife TV ... all pics/vids posted with their kind permission!

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    21:31 Flapper entered the barn (left) and the male came to the tray - a couple of very loud screeches.

    Flapper had flown down to the bottom right of screen, out of view

    21:37 Male left the barn.

    23:21 Male, I assume, back in



    23:29 Preening

    23:30 Cleaning its beak on the tray

    23:31 It must have know I was going to sign off as it left the barn after this scap. Goodnight

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    Wot a lot of activity I missed whilst at Bournemouth!!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

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    Perries I assume?

    I've just added more scaps, Wendy, to end the evening report. Goodnight.

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    Yup, Bournemouth chicks decided to vacate nestbox & relocate in corner beside it ... trouble is they are in a bell tower with very large access hole in floor ... scary!!

    Little bit of activity from 23.30