Cornish Barn Owls 2018 (C) Barn Owl Trust & Wildlife TV ... all pics/vids posted with their kind permission!

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    Morning Sandra

    I said Talon you said beak CHOL:):) Twas definitely one or tuther


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    Morning Kate,

    Well we definitely know it wasn't doing a song and dance routine! lol ;D

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    18:57 Just checked in to find one on the front beam. It's now either behind the diagonal of the middle beam or at the back of the barn out of view.

    19:02 There's movement to the left of the diagonal

    21:10 Moved out of view

    21:28 Back onto the middle beam

    21:35 Came onto the front beam, glanced around, had a stretch and then left the barn

    23:15 One onto the box then the tray. It did some preening and then left at 23:20

    23:32 In again and behind the box

    23:48 It's gone now. Goodnight

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    SunnyKate2 said:
    That 1970 date was it an old record of when first used or is it not that old

    It wouldn't have existed back then ;-D

    Now I'm thoroughly stymied - the Windows Update has broken my downloader.  I have asked for help on their forum - waiting... ... ...

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    Morning Both.

    @Sandra did JUST! see him just after your first post, he was hiding on the middle beam, could see a leg.

    @Scylla So sorry about your troubles again Doh!!!!


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    Morning All.  Thanks for the pics, etc.

    Scylla, Sorry to hear you have tech troubles again.  Hope you can get some help soon.

    Kind regards, 


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    17:59 Early this evening. Just checked in to find one on the middle beam. Little birds are giving high-pitched warning(?) calls

    18:45 Preening

    20:58 Hiding behind the diagonal now

    20:59 Onto the back beam

    21:25 Disappeared from the back beam

    21:29 There was a brief flash of white from low down on the right going diagonally up to the left as if it was going towards the exit.

    22:34 A screech close to the barn

    22:52 Another screech in the distance

    23:04 I heard what sounded like clattering about in the barn, nothing on view

    23:45 EN/EB and quiet. Goodnight

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    21.20 large white Moth flying around below box from right to left

    Owl dropped from back beam & flew as you said

    Was recording but images not really clear enough for vid!


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    19:02 One into the barn again. Onto the front beam, then the tray before flying to the middle beam

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     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr