(C) Sheffield University Peregrines 2018 (All pics/vids posted here with their kind permission)

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    Thanks Alan

    Interesting also his comment


    Alan W said:
    or for one of the darvic rings to have been lost already...

    So is it a known regular occurrence?


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    I think they can lose them over time Kate, they probably get brittle as they age, so it would be unusual for one to be lost so early.

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    Interesting scenario this morning, what is this feather?

    Ah! ah! tis prey.

    then it falls

    Now she flies back and forth, very quickly

    back and flies again

    back and into box

    and gone again.

    Phew ! hectic few minutes...


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    Brilliant sequence Kate

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    Thought this was Mr but then it went into box and only saw a silver ring on right leg (click on 5th Image to enlarge), so am not sure doh!

    Then walked back onto Perch


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    Nice one Kate yep it's Mr he has the silver ring Mrs doesn't have any.

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    Great captures Kate!


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    Hi Wendy

    and here is Mrs


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    Hi Kate, managed to catch Mrs P on vid ... did you notice that odd feather on her back?