Cornish Barn Owls 2017

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    Oooh, I missed that!

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    18:06 I heard a low rasp and then Mrs CBO flew out

    18:07 Mister has followed her, there were a couple of screeches then...

    18:08 Mister came back, looked downwards then disappeared

    All quiet

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    19:56 One preening on the back beam

    20:08 Left the barn

    23:08 Mrs CBO, I think, going by the 'haunched stance', on the middle beam. She had been sitting at the back but the majority of her hidden behind the rafter. Gone at 23:09

    It sounds extremely windy there

    23:30 I've just had this message on the RSPB CF. all ok when re-logging back onto the site!

    Sorry, the writing is a bit too small to read. It said that 'the programme was terminated'. I hope this was just a 'blip' and nothing more serious.

    23:40 I'm hearing the odd 'tapping' sound but the barn appears to be empty. Wondering if the wind is moving something. Goodnight.

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    You should be able to tell how long this has been trying to post by the time on the screenshot.


    On waking up and trying to wake up my CBO cams I was frozen, turned out a Win Update was waiting.  Done that, now all I can get is this:

    I was going to say that Sunday morning hasn't kicked in yet... that's because it's only Saturday.  I'm still really poorly, have been trying to do the Trio eagles and Starr Ranch because I'm (pretty much) the only video-person doing them.  I need to have a session with Wendy on Windows Movie Maker, been practising, learnt quite a bit, but gaps need plugging.  Too tired tho.

    Dang, this won't post, will this add on or not?

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    Morning all Scylla how lovely to see you but sorry you still not well, will take a couple of weeeks unfortunately for you to recover. here in Westcountry we have a gastroeneteritis running riot Grr! ( everything crosssed )

    Anyway had the same black/circle then it cleared to show one on back beam.

    after faffing about, preening eventually flew when I was not looking sometie 0725 on ward I think

    Mr on back beam 07]39 fliesforward onto tray.

    07;53 as I checked looked like Mrs on tray and immediately flew.

    07;56as I was posting returned and sitting furthest on Tray


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    Cleared cache and cookies, still black screens with squirlies :(

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    Oh dear, Scylla :(

    Kate, are you poorly too?

    15:05 Mrs CBO preening Mister

    15:47 They have been in this position for almost 50 minutes now

    16:05 Mrs CBO left the box

    16:18 Mister left the box

    16:30 Both on the middle beam (Mrs CBO on the left)

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    Sandra P said:
    Kate, are you poorly too?

    CHOL:):) Noooooo what I meant was I.E fingers and toes and everything else crossed , hoping we keep well, and dont pick any gems up at the shops.

    cam still as your last scap xxx


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    Oh thank goodness! :)

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    16:56 Mister on the back beam

    17:31 Mister had left. Mrs decided to fly out. One was on the back beam 17:32

    17:37 Out it goes

    18:01 I had the 'swirl' and on refresh, one was on the back beam

    18:09 Went to make a cup of tea and the BO had gone!

    19:16 One on the middle beam

    19:34 The other returned to the back beam briefly, then left at 19:35

    19:38 It came back, just visible on the back beam

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