Cornish Barn Owls 2017

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    Is this the day cam switched on ?


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    It could be the sunshine peeping through the exit out of the barn?

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    Why are yooooooo always so clever/right CHOL:):)xxxxxxx


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    Ha ha ha, not always, Kate! x

    Nestcam diary update:

    November 2017

    7th – rather surprisingly, a visit to the site yesterday resulted in the successful replacement of the Barncam camera. It was apparent that some of the IR lamps had burnt out so the substitute camera generously supplied by WildlifeTV was fitted and the zoom and focus played around with until it was as close to the original view as we could manage. Hope it’s satisfactory.

    Whilst there, we received reports from the landowner of food begging noises at an adjacent site. Although it could be the/a female making these noises it’s also possible that there’s a(nother) late brood of owls!

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    Great news Sandra, thanks for posting that news ... did think it was new cam with that different resolution but seems as if only B&W?  Not that I'm complaining, efficiency is best!


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    WendyBartter said:
    new cam... ... ... only B&W?  Not that I'm complaining

    Me neither, tho we shall miss the lovely creams and tans :)

    I've been experimenting with browsers, hoping to get sound in one - but Edge and IE will only display badger for the nestcam, even when FF is showing it's fine :(

    The female, I expect, spent almost the whole night on the back beam, having flown out once and returned via the low route under the beams :)

    I accidentally downloaded some audio from when I had briefly played the nestcam in VLC, and when I put it in my audio editor I found some female long rasps and later one thump.  No chance of linking up to video, but I bet it was when they were on the back beam together.

    Some very rough cuts in here: