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    Does new abode mean you've bought it and are moving there?!? The landscapes and scenery are certainly spectacular.

    Absolutely stunning, belting, phenomenal trip Cin.... I can't imagine how long you've spent grinning like a Cheshire cat reliving all these sightings!
    Thanks for sharing (hoping there's more to come!!)

    It was only a temp. move for 2 nights - sadly - I so want to go back 

    There are still a few more to come 

    Cin J

  • Southern Small White - 

    Jumping Spider Philaeus chrysops

    Woodland Ringlet

    up into the mountains

    Pearl Bordered Frit

    I only just resisted breaking into 'Climb Every Mountain'

    Wood White  - possibly Fenton's but needs an expert 

    Mountain Ringlet


    Dingy Skipper

    Small Blue

    This poor Clouded Apollo got blasted past us like tumble weed 

    View from near the top

    native Orange Lilly


    Marazine Blue

    Black-veined White

    Bee fly

    Cin J

  • We have reached the final day of our travels, It's a fairly long drive to the airport but it's going to be taken slowly as we don't need to be there until 5pm so it allows for a little more exploration of this sensational country.  

    At dinner the previous night when we did the species count we had reached 93 - fingers were crossed for 7 more to reach the 100 - it was going to be a push 

    On the pre-breakfast a new one was spotted right beside the hotel -   very high up the tree 

    Black Hairstreak

    Roadside birding - Whinchat

    Our first stop was utterly delightful watermills at the springs of the Gacka River 

    There was a family of Black Redstarts flitting about 

    I was a bit disappointed that I had missed getting my first photos of Dippers as a very busy pair had just flown off but as we wandered back one was spotted taking a very quick rest and I got my photo op.

    As we were walking down the road to look in the water meadows a huge dark butterfly glided in and we all briefly got our eyes on a Poplar Admiral before a couple of lazy flaps took it off and over the houses.

    Off again and onto the motorway window spotting birds 

    We took a break at a Service Station and boy could the ones in the UK take a huge lesson.  Clean, inviting, beautifully presented food and drink - there was even a Silver-washed Frit flying around the serving area!


    The grass area was full of wild flowers - so of course it would be rude not to go look and boy was it worth it. Our super spotter (One of the other clients) clocked this belter 

    2nd gen  Map


    There were also a couple of other new ones - our numbers were climbing 

    Cin J

  • We head off into the countryside again as we still have a few hours in hand, we are off into an area that sort of reminded me of the Peak District, a stop in a passing point resulted in flutter 99 and a tour leader heading off down the road in pursuit of a 'different' looking white - he didn't find it.

    Number 99 was a

    Large Checkered Skipper

    We move onto a small meadow and orchard area with a stream - the first thing we spot is this beautiful Spider Orchid

    It's at this point the tour leader claims number 100 and is met with a rebellion - as a group we point blank refuse to accept his spot - none of us saw it and we were not taking a Green-veined White as our 100! so it was onwards to a potentially better site - still alongside water and so it proved to be fruitful

    Number 100 a stunningly beautiful stonker 

    Large Copper 

    Then another new one was spotted resting on the road 

    Hungarian Glider

    I managed to coax it onto my hand and place it in the greenery so it didn't get squished 

    The guys the spotted a Green Hairstreak and finally the official last butterfly was ... a Green-veined White that we accepted :)

    It was a sensational trip and I really hope to travel with them again - I am not sure if it's weird to do the same trip twice, there was just so much to take in 

    Thank you for reading and indulging me - it's allowed me to get everything sorted in my head - sorry it's taken so long to post 

    Cin J

  • Wonderful post, pics and ID's so thanks for taking the time to upload and share your adventure CJ, been really lovely and enjoyed seeing so many weird and wonderful species. Glad you had such a rewarding trip.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Absolutely glorious, stunning post Cin, thanks for taking us on your travels with you!!
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    Absolutely fabulous, and such fabulous photos of a spectacular visit.

    Many thanks for sharing, and we appreciate the time taken to upload and share those wonderful photos.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Thank you all for the kind comments - I'm confined to barracks now and am cheering myself up working out which photos to have printed. I have to say if I feel this ill being fully vaccinated and boosted I dread to think how I would have been without it

    Cin J

  • Oh dear Caroline, what a spoiler to your great adventure & all the wonderful pics of the lovely things you saw, very much enjoyed & hope you feel better very soon xx


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Get better soon Caroline, so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly but thanks again for all your updates with photos as I really enjoyed viewing them and hearing about your trip to Croatia. Take it easy and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again"