• I was SO right to look at these again on the PC rather than just my phone.... magnificent stuff so far Cin, thank you
  • Thank you ILR and I'm so pleased you have had good experiences of the Island 

    Thank you PB - here are some more - doing this is helping cement my memories of the trip so it's a great benefit to me 

    There was plenty of birds singing around the area as well 

     most these again are distant 

    Black-headed Bunting 

    a very distant Cirl Bunting (I think)

    Way off Golden Oriole - 

    and 2 much more obliging Turtle doves - 

    Cin J

  • It started to gently rain while we had lunch and so it was time to move on and head back to base

    en-route there was a stop to look at this delightful old church

    and as a special treat for PB

    Pygmy dinosaurs

    What we didn't realise at the time was that we were in for a really interesting change in the weather 

    Cin J

  • Overnight the Bura (Bora in Italian) blew in - I've been in some storms over here but I find it very hard to get my head around warm storm force winds and hot rain

    We tried to go up into the mountains to find sheltered valleys but it was a no go after we nearly got blown off our feet.

    The only wildlife that seemed to be enjoying it were the Roman snails

    An alternative plan was devised while drinking coffee at a  cafe in a more sheltered seaside town 

    and so we headed inland to the bird transects of our Croatian guide with the option to go to Zadar if it didn't work out 

    It did work out and in big style  

    Sloe Hairstreak 

    Southern White Admiral

    Bath Marbled White

    Large Tort

    Scarlet Darter

    Italian Wall Lizard

    Pair of Woodchat Shrike


    Cin J

  • Excellent photos and nice to see,
  • Now we get to the moment we 'twitched' a butterfly - Driving quite slowly along a small country lane someone spots something really significant.  the breaks slam on, 8 seat belts are released and there is a mad scramble to exit and pursue the object down the road.  Hedgerows are stalked - the butterfly glides into view but it's too high and won't settle, its obvious that it is patrolling so a bit more of the area is investigated  - A shout goes up - it's a different butterfly but an amazing one to see - I look up to see an incredibly neon yellow butterfly float down the road and much to my surprise recognise a Cleopatra

    A White Admiral attempts to side track us

    then suddenly the object of desire comes into view and deigns to settle for a short while 

    Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you  the

    Camberwell Beauty 

    I tried very hard to get flight shots to get the upper wing but no joy 

    As we were leaving the lane after a through investigate we were over flown by a Two-tail Pasha but it was gone before anyone could get a camera up :( 

    Happy grins on everyones faces - things always happen for a reason 


    Cin J

  • More fabulousness Cin!! Trevor, keep an eye out for the Camberwell Beauty, apparently they're seen in East Anglia sometimes!
    The Scarlet Darter and Cicada are just beautiful, as is the lizard. Keep 'em coming Cin :o)
  • In reply to PimperneBloke:

    I will PB 'cos it actually gets even better ;)

    Cin J

  • From the lane of plenty we moved onto a reservoir and  via a bit of heathland that reminded me of my transects

    Southern Gatekeeper

    a Hopper - Ephippiger diurnus

    Another delightful Mallow Skipper

    Queen of Spain frit

    another of the extraordinary Mammoth Wasp

    Shield Beetle

    Yellow Leg gulls

    Southern Darter

    Southern Skimmer

     Lang's Short-tailed Blue

    Now a bird that TJ may remember - the oddly named 

    Zitting Cisticola 

    Very distant Bee-eaters

    Meat pie - European Pond Turtle 

    What started as a potential write off as a day ended up being fabulous

    Cin J

  • Just catching up Cin, to your earlier posts, you paint a gorgeous picture of your time there and your photos are sublime.