To blog or not to blog

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    Yes Catlady; 'met' not met. Sort of thing.

    Thanks for the kind words. And no, I don't think I'll be taking many midnight walks.

    Still, it could be worse. Friends in Tuscany have wolves. And while that's probably not a problem, they're a little more cautious than they used to be, just to be on the safe side.
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    Just about to answer you now Ann.
  • Dave, go for it, write your blog.

    Blogs can be and often are useful sources of information for many people and a great way of sharing your findings, adventures and thoughts.

    As a former hill and moorland walker in the UK, I kept a blog, and many of the places I've been to are still online ready to read by any one. I've had a few comments and requests for information, and I've been happy to share my knowledge with those not so sure.

    I noticed a couple of people use Google Blogger, as do I, and if you want to peruse, have a look at "Peak Rambler's Ramblings...." please do, though due to a major change in my life four years ago, I've not really done much of any note.

    There are many ways in which you can share your blog, Google Blogger is one, Word Press is another, and though I have looked any deeper, I know there are many more formats out there, or, if you or someone you know is good at creating webpages, then make your own custom blog.

    When you do start your blog, be your self, there is no need to mimic anyone. However, as you create more (loosely using the word) stories, you will develop your own style of writing and posting of photos.

    There is no harm in being a chatty while sticking to the topic of discussion, after all, we often digress from the main subject during normal chatting, then resume the main subject.

    One piece of advice I will give, if you do start a blog, opt for moderating comments, you'll be surprised how many use your blog to share unsolicited websites and sell. That way you can display the legitimate comments that all can enjoy reading.

    Give it a go and let us know your first blog, and enjoy it, that way you'll be creative.


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  • Thanks for the advice and encouragement, Mike. I'll certainly take a look at the link once I have a spare moment. Things are a little busy right now, hence my late reply, sorry.
    Managed to get out for a stroll yesterday and could confirm that the pair of Peregrines I'd seen a few days earlier are, indeed, a mating pair. That became clear to even an inexperienced bird watcher such as myself when, well, I saw them mating (always a giveaway, that).
    I'd noticed last autumn already that the Ravens that live up on the plateau between us and the Jura chain we far more present than usual. We normally see them on beautiful spring and summer days and admire the aerial acrobatics that they seem to indulge in purely for the fun of it. But last autumn they were far more present and were competing with Carrion Crows for food; leading to smaller corvids, including the local Jays, keeping their heads down.
    Now there's a pair nesting on the same cliffs as our mating Peregrines. There was much friction yesterday; a portent of things to come, I would say.
    We're expecting, if any make it, fledglings around the end of April.
    To be honest, I could have just stayed there all day. You know the way it is, I'm sure.

    All the best -
  • Dave, you're welcome, and don't worry about the late reply, I'm not much better myself sometimes, particularly recently.


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