To blog or not to blog

Bloggers and blog readers, I'd like your advice.

A year ago, I had the idea of writing a blog about our patch here in Switzerland. My idea was to post a few times a month and record what we see in, or from, our garden and local to us.

Deep down, somehow, I knew that our eleven years here were drawing to a close and I wanted to capture, and share, some of the things that we'd seen during that time.

My instinct was right, and soon we will be moving; still in Switzerland, but at a higher altitude, so we'll be swapping our Tawnies for Tengmalm's owls, our Cirl buntings for Spotted Nutcrackers.

So, I think I should write that blog. But having never even considered blogging before, any advice you can give me would be very much appreciated. What, how, where, etc. And, just in case anyone's tempted to ask, while it would be nice to be read, the writing of it is the most important thing (to me).

Many thanks and best regards -

Dave (Switzerland)