Wildlife on the Gironde estuary - Our first garden Snipe

As my old thread is still locked up I thought I'd start & new one. New home, new thread, new forum!!

Since moving in we've been really busy but here are a few photos taken along the way, these are a pair of Gland weevils, up to something naughty on the moth trap,

a Shield bug (for Rockwolf, where is she?) ,Pantilus tunicatus,

A flight of storks passing over on migration, someone asked me once, how do you know a bird is on migration "Does it have it's suitcase with it?" & they are quite right, most of the time it's circumstantial evidence,

& a local stork flying around,

meanwhile, whilst insulating the roof space I found this perfectly dried Garden dormouse (male!) which obviously died a horrible death from poisoning,

a Robin on the overhead cable, they don't come too close;

This is it's & our view of the estuary marshes,

A spider visiting the moth trap, Hogna radiata,

A burying beetle, Necrodes littoralis, also around the moth-trap

& a hornet, who wasn't agressive fortunately,

a Migrant Hawker on the marshes,

some Great White Egrets,

Cattle Egrets (probably), sitting on the fence,

& finally another Spider around the moth trap, Xysticus sp,

I'll try & finish this update later. Thanks for looking.

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