Wildlife holiday in North Wales part 1

I went on holiday for a week to Wales and have literaly not long got back alot has obviously happened in the community while I have been away since the community looks different and it gave me a shock cause i was exspecting everything to be the same. part of my autism is that Changes can be challangeing to deal with and take time to process things particularly unexpected changes so  it  will take time for me to take everything in.i have been away and wouldnt of seen any happenings or posts in the community or anything else. I  have constructed this post ok without any new technical  problems just so people are aware. but  im having probloms with photos for now im going to write about my holiday then try and add photos later 

rather than Mum picking me up on this ocasion I was dropped off to my Familys house by my support workers cause my family couldnt pick me up and we were leaving to go on holiday strait away while 

we were in the car I took pictures on the way there if any one has been to Wales you may notice the landmarks you might not but this is part 1 



Mawddach estuary, Barmouth

we went Past the estuary and down to our cottage in Coed Ystumgwern 

Liandanwg- Traeth  Beach ( Tremadoc Bay)

Dad stopped for a break and I saw a pheseant it was walking around and pecking at the ground. it kept disapeaeing and then coming back.  we were quiet a distance away so I had to use my long lens when it came back again 

after a short break we got going again on the way 

we also saw a lamma in a field and then later what looked like a Black grouse by the road 

after the drive we arived at the cottage and I went out in the garden to exsplore 

at this time of year there wasnt very much but there was a few flowers and some hedges, lots of trees

and there was a board with birds on behind the door however i didnt get a proper look cause Mum wanted me to go strait out cause of the dogs. I didnt see much birds the first day I went out in the garden the garden was large and was like a field. I took some pictures but I was mainly interested in the sea and the mountains cause I love Mountains and I love the sea both a few of my favourite habitats and I havnt seen mountains on the horizon of a horizon of the ocean before and I could see that in the distance at this time I didnt know what i was seeing what mountains they were

and  and it was driveing me nuts it drove me even more nuts when we visited the Beach  and saw the same horizon as from the garden I had my long lens with me and I was exited about useing it for  the first day we mainly settled 

the next part of the holiday should be more exiting since we went out and did stuff 

I will let you know when I have successfully added photos to the post 

I hope you enjoy the photos once added 

edit: I have added them 


  • Glad you enjoyed your holiday Zo. Yes, things have changed here. I did a test post and found that I was able to post a photo as before, but I only added the one. Others have had problems where they could not do this as they had been doing before. I select from my files to add photos, and do so one at a time. It was when using the drap and drop options, that did not seem to be working. Hope you are successful.

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  • thanks. I have tryed again but still havnt been able to add any photos it keeps coming up with error with file identifier. I use the photo library option cause i cant drag and drop photos on my i pad or my phone. I  also tested useing a photo from my files but it still comes up with eror. have restarted my device but it still keeps coming up with error aswell. it usualy works once iv tryed these but it hasnt worked this time 

  • Hi, I use my tablet the majority of the time, which, as I have said, worked the same after this update. It would be worthwhile you adding your comment onto the post that is running regarding the recent updates. An RSPB official wants folk to notify them of things that do not work or what they do not like.

    The post is important upcoming changes to the community

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • i cant find it so I typed in the search box and found it but it has been removed 

  • never mind It now says it exists  and iv got on the thread 

  • My tip would be to pick your favourite photos. There are issues with the site now, so might have to anyway! But, just my opinion, that the more photos over and above about 10 that are posted, the more people skip the thread, or take less notice of each photo. Better to focus on about 5 or so. Just my opinion.

  • with my holiday photos I like to share all the photos iv taken and I usualy take alot of them but I like to share what iv seen I dint like to miss any parts  of the   holiday otherwise others will miss out. same with the soecies  iv seen on holiday. cause  there holiday ones there will be alot of them and will have more than a few favourates. I  do it in parts to make it easyer for people rather than send them all at once. so I just hope  that people  will be patisnt with them when I do my holiday ones or look through them when they have time. and I appreciate  it when they take the time to look through them and hope they enjoy them and my holiday.  

    the problom im having where it says eror isnt related to mb or how many photoe i semd im unable to send any at all when it happens usualy. it  isnt to do with how many photos i add or the photo size or anything else.  but the eror does happen occasionally still.  I just restart my device or close the tab or reload and things like that and it usualy works but after the upgrade im unable to semd any photos at all but  none of the soloitions that work work now and it just constantly comes up with it when i select a photo and add it so not even one photo will be load on the post  or send  but thanks for the suggestion though cause  it was helpful 

  • I would send a screenshot of the error but I cant send any photos at all so I can only describe it

  • Zo, maybe hold off trying to post photos for now, we have had an update from an official, with all the points raised,  these are going to be looked at, hopefully soon and rectified. The photo problem is included.

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