The Heatwave and Wildlife recently

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    I, too, have had technical problems with the forums these last few weeks.

    We've just had a few hours of storms. Fortunately, very little hail.

    Last summer we had 35 minutes of hail non-stop. And, to be honest, I've never seen that before, ever.
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    We’re the storms you had for a few hours Thunder Storms?
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    Thunder and lightning; strong, gusting winds; torrential rain; intermittent hail.

    Freshens thinks up a bit!
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    It does. We havnt had any thunderstorms but it went up to 28 degrees Celceus. And Thursday or Friday was meant to be the hottest. But instead of thunderstorms we had long downpours of rain but on Saturday it was all over the place. It was very sunny and warm so the insects would come out and then it would rain at the same time. Then it would be sunny and not rain. Then it would go dark and rain for a long time. I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts so had to put a jumper on later on in the afternoon. And it would be sunny and rainy the rest of the afternoon. It was more like being in a humid rainforest with the heat and rain, The heaviest and longest was in the evening it definitely cooled things down a lot. And I think it has managed to cooll things down abit now. Today its sunny and have had no rain but it’s hard to tell if there will be rain or not at the moment. Insect activity was on and off but they were most active when it wasn’t raining
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    Yes, it has been very up and down here too.

    Much cooler today after days of storms and rain.

    Last Sunday, a spot of volunteer work took us out early with boars, and we were out on one of the lakes for around six hours. Local temperature: 37 Celsius.

    Today, low twenties...

    Everyone is tired. We wonder if it's the swings in the weather.