A Wild day out in the Garden

I had a afternoon out in the Garden today. If there’s anything Iv learned today 

It’s that the Wildlife have got even more used to me in the Garden 

I didn’t have to stay still for long periods. merely just go and sit down  for them to be very tame. 

Hover fly perched on some clovers next to my leg as soon as I sat down it stayed there for some time. 

This leafhopper landed on my leg and stayed there for 15 minutes. 

This one drowned in the bird bath so I used a leaf and took him out and put him on some Sorrel 

I used the way the leaf is arranged on the Sorrel to hold the leaf in place for him to dry off 

It became the 2nd Leafhopper to land  on me later on 

I’m a differant border This yellow dung fly chased a fly off the leaf 

And them it allowed me to get very close to it and just stayed there. 

A Robin outside with me in the garden 

A light brown moth landed on me too and came in with me without me noticeing. 

Then I had s visit from a white Shouldered Moth. 

  • People who know me like family or people in the house say I’m like a mini David Attenborough
    Iv had lots of situations like this one. I once had a Bumblebee land on my T-shirt or jumper whatever I’m wearing at the time and  not want to get off  and then fly off later.  Iv also had a Moth and a Butterfly perch on my hand or my shoulder too. So when it’s time for me to go in I end up haveing to find something that they like so that they fly off or decide to crawl off. Some Wildlife are very friendly when they get used to you being around. But I got to say Iv had more insects on me in one day than I have any other day.