5 Spot Burnet

5 Spot Burnet Moth at Edge Common 

  • Wow, that's a lovely butterfly!
  • In reply to StateOfPlay:

    Its defanatly very colourful. The 5 Spot Burnet is a type of Moth. I forgot to put Moth at the end when I wrote 5 Spot Burnet but I have added it now. But don’t worry about mistakening it for a Butterfly cause it doesn’t matter. Interestingly Some a animals are made to be noticed while others are made to look like something else instead. Most Moths are made for Camaflauge which is why they tend look quiet plain there colours cause it to blend in to its environment like a tree or a stick for example. But theres still some colourful ones out there. Some Moths fly by day while others fly in the evening. interestingly Another Colourful Moth aswell as the 5 Spot Burnet is the Cinabar Moth. For Buttetflys and some Moths there colours are a warning to predators that they don’t taste nice so its to protect the Butterfly from being eaten. A few animals might still have a go at it but they learn to avoid it next time.