Edge Woods and Edge Common- Rudge Hill

Stockend Woods (edge) 

The Ferns make a good prehistoric background 

Holly part of the woods 


Holly flower 


Yellow deadnettle 

Sweet Woodruff 

Wood Speedwell 

Wild garlic part of the woods 

there was lots of it.

Not much Bluebells in this woodland 

Native Bluebells closing

Spanish Bluebell 

Beetles in a Buttercup

Edge Common 


Common Rock rose 

Horseshoe Vetch 


Ox eye daisy 

Spot Burnet 


Rustic Sailor Beetle Cantris


Holly  Blue

Green Hairstreak 

Germander Speedwell 


  • I do apologise that it’s so long. The Woods on the Cotswold escarpments are the remains of Rare  Anchient Woodland. Stockemd Woods on Edge is an Ancient Woodland. It felt and looked very prehistoric partly cause there was lots of ferns and trees and insects together it was very wild so you had to watch your step so you don’t acidently stand on any insects and there’s a path for you to stay on so you don’t trample and damage the Wildflowers And they have a rule asking people not to pick them. Interestingly they get the rare Bee Orchid. Also interestingly  ferns are prehistoric plants And have been around since the Dinosaurs. For the common This was the first time Iv ever seen a 5 Spot Burnet, Rustic Sailor Beetle, and Sainfoin. 

  • They do have Skylark on the Common so they have sealed that part off but you can still enjoy there calling when they display