Crysilis in the Bird Bath

I found a Crysilis in my Bird bath Iv never seen one in a Bird bath before and I dont know when it happened 

I only just found it this evening 

  • I took the photo from differant angles. I think its still Transforming since  it looks like its already developed wings cause you can see it through the silk and it’s head is sticking out

  • Its very interesting
  • Hi Zo -- is it alive? And a pupa, not a spider's food parcel?
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    Sorry. I didn’t get notified of your reply I only got a notification of a like on one of my posts.   In the evening That day I tryed to find somewhere else apart from a wet bird bath in case it rains in the night. I couldn’t find a good place for it and someone called me for something I have to have at a certain time every day. I put it under a shelter but as sheltered as it was it wasn’t the best.  but I had to do with That one  since I was in a rush. When I woke up in the morning I went to check on it and it completely disappeared.
    Im suspecting a spider or ants. since there was a lot of those around in the Garden that day. I went to investigate that day it disappeared but I did have a very bad headache so took it easy and rested also. I took photos of the leaf when the moth was gone to try and get an idea of what might of happened. There was no web but There was lots of string hanging off. And the leaf could of fell off the tree then landed in the bird bath which could exsplain why it was in there. Interestingly The moth was hanging from the leaf rather than being wrapped up and stuck against the leaf. the reason why I thought It wasn’t likely is cause even though Iv seen them wrapped up before Iv never seen a Spiders food thats been wrapped up fall  in a bird bath before and thought it was odd and had no idea how it got in there. And since it’s head was sticking out thought it might of been comeing out but now that you mentioned It I think a Spider could of been just as possible if not more so. And I think a Spider could also be the reason it disappeared exspeacialy since it disappeared over night.

  • The day it disappeared I looked through the photos to see if I can find any clues and  I found something else it could of also been a brown thing on the leaf sticking out instead but could also of been a Spider well camaflaged against a brown part very still and lying down and well   hidden under the leaf 

    The side on the right is the part the moth was attached to 

    And this is what I saw under the leaf in one of my photos. If its definitely a Spider in the photo it could of been underneath the leaf when the leaf fell  into the bird bath with the moth. I get a variety of Spiders not just Garden Spiders. So I do get flower Spiders shy ones that change colour to match the colour of a flower there on  to camaflauge itself. And catch any prey that falls for it. And I also get Zebra Jumping Spiders. And also  spiders with long narrow flat bodys. And there is a couple of Spiders on the tree so wouldn’t be surprised if it is definitely wrapped up by a Spider and   fell into the Bird Bath Exspeacially since the Moth was still attached 

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    Interesting mystery :)