Juggling Jay

Had a lovely woodland walk today, despite the cold. Not sure what it's been like elsewhere in the country but it's been an incredibly bad year for seeds up here (round Sheffield) with hardly any acorns, beech nuts, sycamore seeds etc  

However this Jay did manage to find an acorn or two while we sat eating our picnic (2C, but we're hardy folk up here).  I was surprised to see a squirrel apparently eating bits of twig or possibly the bark which may be reflective of the dearth of nuts and seeds?!

Nice to also spot a couple of Redwing...

  • Very nice photos Mike, thanks

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Nice photos Mike.

    Whether its -10ºC or 30ºC+ nature still has to survive and feed to maintain survival.

    What I find fascinating, we struggle if the temp drops to the low teens or goes above the mid 20's, while small birds and mammals go about their daily business (I am generalising) as though its a normal day.

    These creatures don't have central heating or thick woolie pullies, though a great many do have a winter coat in the form of down, shed to stop them overheating in the summer, and extreme days they shield, unlike us, mad dogs and Englishmen....


    Flickr Peak Rambler