New arrivals on the lake

A couple of new ducks arrived on the the lake recently but I am not sure what they are. The options I have so far are Cayuga or Black East Indian, and my best guess is the Cayuga because of the white around the eye. Anyone have any ideas?



  • Smart looking ducks but I'm pretty sure they must be from a collection certainly not a UK native species


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • Sorry Peter, can't help, but certainly striking birds :o)
    Google lens agrees with your best guess
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    Hi Pete

    The lake they are on is just a private lake with access limited to the residents that live around it, but we have had a few rare or exotic ducks on it over the last year or so. It started with a couple of Mandarins, then an American Wood Duck, followed by some Ruddy Shelducks, and I did notice that they were clipped and ringed, and now whatever these green and black ducks are. I am not aware of any of the residents putting these in the lake and there isn't a reserve anywhere near us that I am aware of.

    Let them keep coming........  


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    Another friend of mine who has been bird watching for many years also can't name them. He reckons it's a cross between a Mallard and something with a best guess of a Cayuga. There are Mallard size and according to him have the same curl of the tail feathers that he says only Mallards have, but who knows. Another one of life's little mysteries.