Friendly nuthatch

Lovely to see this guy just outside my kitchen window again. He has visited the food board on numerous occasions over the last couple of days and actually, there are two of them. Perfectly content mingling with the sparrows, tits and young family of bullfinches. Yesterday was the best 'bird lunchtime' I've witnessed.

The nuthatch pair are neither shy, nor anxious to avoid the camera. This photo is one of many, but I did observe that they seem to live in an old tall Ash over the road. It's in the grounds of a school, but many of the trees in the area are Victorian. I'm guessing that's why they they are living in the middle of a city!!!

  • Looks like a youngster. As with many bird species, youngsters can be lacking risk awareness. Nuthatches though are relatively approachable compared to other species. At least, they have been here over the years.
  • Just to add to Robbo's reply, nuthatches can be of a very cheeky nature and more gregarious than other species.

    Like robins, they will if they feel it is safe to do so, come close and feed. The photo in the link is one from my early birding days.


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  • In reply to Mike B:

    Fantastic photos!
  • Awww that's lovely Mike B, yes they are friendly birds, although I've not had one come so close yet, what a memorable experience for you! My feeding station is a chopping board in a budleia, so it's very protected, and there is no reason for them to come close. Although with the door, a couple of metres away most of the birds peer in when it's open.

    I often say we're not bird watchers, we're bird watched!! I suppose the perspex window feeder adds to this, and sometimes they do a hovering thing to see in the window generally. The blue tits, robins and long tailed tits tend to do this.

    It's only this week the nuthatches have visited constantly, but I suspect that's because of the extra sunflower hearts. They love the pumpkin seeds and oats too though. I think I found one of the nests, high in an old ash and whilst this is a city suburb, there are many mature trees. They've clearly lived here for generations and are perfectly safe.