Robin, Great Spotted Woodpecker

Hello, this is my first post here. Since Christmas I have been taking pictures of birds in the fields around where I live in Leicestershire and finding it very challenging. Unlike the landscapes, objects and people I am more used to photographing they are small, very fast and deliberately avoid you and hide in dark places. It also seems to me that the better the light is, the more cautious they become. I have a new appreciation for the skill and effort which must go into all the stunning pictures of wildlife which we now take for granted.

Here are a couple of my better efforts. I found the woodpecker this afternoon in the frost by watching a suspiciously noisy dead tree.


Great Spotted Woodpecker

  • Homo carbonis said:
    deliberately avoid you and hide in dark places.

    HI and welcome to the wonderful world of bird photography lol... There is a fabulous thread HERE of less successful pics :o)

  • Welcome to the Community Homo carbonis
    As you've discovered photographing birds is not easy but rewarding if you get it right. I think I'm like a Sparrowhawk with only about 10% or fewer successful shots.



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  • As you say, most birds don't make it easy for us, but then, that's what makes it fun, especially when you do get one right.


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  • Another welcome from sunny Suffolk, so you've noticed they don't play ball. All part of the fun of wildlife photography.


  • Hi Hc and welcome to the forum from me too in Cheshire. Birds certainly do give us all sorts of challenges when it comes to photographing them but at least when you get that ideal shot you are happy with it seems all worthwhile. Once again nice to have you on the forum and look forward to more of your photos.


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  • Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Those pics are good, as photographing nature can be very challenging, and that's without the intervention of poor light or poor weather conditions, particularly as bird will aim to keep something between you and them as a safety measure.

    If you've ever seen the KitKat Dancing Pandas advert, that is what it can be like many days.

    Kit Kat Dancing Pandas advert 1989 - YouTube


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