Glossy Ibis Cambridge

The past couple of days a glossy ibis has been hanging out on the outskirts of Cambridge, on the flooded fields next to the A14 bridge over the Cam. The ibis was proving elusive however it gave excellent views yesterday, when it was foraging out in the open and briefly joining a couple of little egrets. This ibis was about twice as small as I thought it would be, I thought it would be grey heron size. I managed to get some images of the vagrant bird. It might have been adversely affected by the flooded fields freezing over today, however, as today I was unable to see it in excellent conditions. It might have moved on. Still, the ibis turning up on the outskirts of Cambridge was quite fascinating. Definitely the 'rarest' bird I have ever encountered in the region, surpassing even the Montagu's harrier I saw on migration at Lakenheath Fen. Was a real treat to observe this beautiful little bird